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Session: 2015 - Session 1
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Statistics updated 1 days ago on 11/25/2015.

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2015 - Session 1 - Session Summary

The 2015 - Session 1 session is a 16 week session, from August 04, 2015 to December 01, 2015.

There are 1 weeks left to play.

12 teams are competing in 2 division(s).

83 players have played in the 15 weeks played so far.

Session Comments:
Session payouts will be made to 1st and 2nd place of both divisions, and the better of the two third place teams (5 teams paid).

1st  $1800
2nd  $1200
3rd  $700

~ PlayPool Demo League ~ - Handicap Analysis

How is the handicap system working out?
The handicap system is in place to make it fun and fair for everyone. In a perfect world, the chance of winning against a higher or lower handicap should be an even .500

Handicap stats since 08/04/2015:

Higher Skills vs. Lower Skills
Lower Skills vs. Higher Skills

Top Average Scores

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Team Score
Division Championship
1.Rack Runners635
2.Hot Shots527
3.Baaad Boyz514
4.Sharp Shooters479

Division Premier League
1.In the Money622
2.Captains Cove548
3.Hogan's Heros514
4.5 Aces500
5.All Stars417