PlayPool Demo League Race2Skill Scorekeeping

Every team is required to keep score for the duration of any given match. At the conclusion of the match, team captain's will meet to ensure that their totals for each game are in agreement. Once all totals on both scoresheets are the same, the captain's sign both scoresheets and submit them to the league administrator.

Failure to reconcile totals, sign scoresheets, and/or submit paperwork on time may result in penalty points for that team.

Scoresheets for every match may be printed off of the Schedule page. These scoresheets will be partially filled out with team names and dates. Blank scoresheets may printed from any page in the site; the link is part of the main menu. It is suggested that players print out a few extra blank scoresheets to place in a glovebox or cue case.


    Match - A meeting of two teams on a periodic (week) basis
    Straight - Two players competing by playing a series of racks
    Rack - An individual game of 8-ball between two players

Scoring a Straight

The names of the players chosen for a straight are written in, along with their handicap skill level in the appropriate fields.

For leagues that use Adjusted Skill levels to expedite gameplay, adjusted skill levels may be indicated in the Adj Skill column. If your league does not use the Adjusted Skills feature, you may leave the Adj Skill box blank or use the same value entered into the player's Skill box.

For leagues that keep track of break-and-runs, timeouts, or other counts, fields may be included on the right side of the scoresheet.

Rack Totals: When the rack is complete, a "W" or "L" is recorded in the W/L column.

NOTE: No indication of "8 out of turn" or "scratch on 8" is required in this part of the scoresheet. If your league has opted to track this information, there will be specific columns provided on the far right of the scoresheet.

Straight Totals: At the end of each straight, the totals are entered for that straight by adding up the number of racks won and lost for each player.

Totalling Up the Scoresheet

At the conclusion of the match, team captain's will meet to ensure that their totals for each straight are in agreement. Straight and match totals on both sheets must match or the teams may be deducted points.

Handling Forfeits

When a team cannot put up a player for a match, that team must forfeit the match. In the case of a forfeited straight, print the phrase "FORFEIT - WIN" for the team winning the forfeit, and "FORFEIT - LOSS" for the forfeiting team.

If neither team can put up a player, print "FORFEIT - LOSS" for both teams.